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Christian Women's Job Corp at The Mount is a ministry of the Woman’s Missionary Union of the Baptist General Convention which provides a Christian context in which women in need are equipped for life and employment, and a missions context in which women help women.  The curriculum includes Bible Study, Computer Skills, Job Skills and Life Skills.  Please review the entire program information at the end of this communication.

Purpose Statement


The purpose of Christian Women’s Job Corp, a ministry of WMU (Woman’s Missionary Union), is to provide a Christian context in which women in need are equipped for life and employment, and a missions context in which women help women.


Statement of Faith


We believe in the Trinity, God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and the Bible as the Word of God. Salvation comes through grace by believing in Jesus Christ as the only begotten Son of God, our Savior and Lord. Once saved, the Holy Spirit indwells, thereby instructing, guiding, and empowering the individual to follow the mandate of Jesus Christ in daily living. CWJC/CMJC, a ministry of WMU, is a response to this mandate.


We Believe...Our Mission


To embrace women in need, and to empower and equip them for employment and enriched lives through enhancement of job readiness and life skills.


We Achieve… Our Vision


Women everywhere have the opportunity to fulfill their purpose in God’s plan thereby transforming their lives and the lives of their families and communities.

We achieve our vision through a classroom environment of 10 weeks - Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings - where the curriculum includes:

• Bible Study – Relationship with God, Prayer Life

• Life Skills – Personal Discovery, Decision Making, Parenting, Money Management

• Health & Nutrition – Diet, Exercise, Stress Management

• Career Skills – Goal Setting, Verbal and Written Communication, Interviewing

• Technical Skills – Computer Training, Microsoft Products, Internet Safety

• Mentoring – Reflection, Evaluation, Celebration


We Celebrate…Our Participants


Adult women in need who can be equipped for life and employment through the CWJC ministry are eligible as Participants. Persons with needs that cannot be met by a CWJC program are referred to a program that can help them. The CWJC purpose (to equip women for life and employment) is fulfilled when a woman has basic life skills necessary for self-sufficiency, within her culture, which may include sustained employment, adequate income, housing, transportation, childcare, and/or medical care.


Participants must agree to the following: attend all regular classes at least 90 percent of the time, including Bible study; work with a mentor for encouragement to pursue established goals; abide by conduct and safety rules of CWJC.  There is no cost to women who participate in the Christian Women's Job Corps program and participation is not limited by religious preference. 



We Appreciate…Our Volunteers, Mentors, Advisory Council, Donors


Volunteers provide vital support to CWJC as Instructors, Prayer Teams, Support Teams, Mentors, and Advisory Councils. Instructors lead the training for classes in life skills, job readiness and bible study. Prayer Teams will fervently and consistently pray for the ministry and the entire staff. Support Teams are those who will serve as office staff, meal providers, and other assistance as needed.


Mentors accompany and assist participants in the journey toward their goals. Mentors are to meet regularly with their participant. A suggested time frame is one hour each week. The commitment is minimal of one year. The Mentor serves as advocate, confidant, encourager, mobilizer, bridge for the participant.


Advisory Council members provide guidance and support to the CWJC Site. Members commit to some oversight of the program, may assist in fundraising responsibilities, and serve as an advocate in the community for the ministry.


Donors provide needed financial support in the form of monetary contributions, in-kind donations and services. CWJC at The Mount is a non-profit ministry, under a 501 (c) (3) organization. We depend on donors to achieve our vision.



Contact Information....

Christian Women’s Job Corps at The Mount

Mount Moriah Missionary Baptist Church

3611 Latimer Street • Dallas, TX 75215

Mailing address: P.O. Box 763459 • Dallas, TX 75376

Phone 214-428-2990 

Site Coordinator: Violet R. Smith

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